What is your refund policy?

Aroma Sparks products are carefully inspected before they are shipped. All sales are final unless lost or damaged during shipping.  Refund Policy

What is your shipping policy?

Orders may take up to 7 business days for processing and will ship through UPS or USPS Mail.  Buyers will receive an automated email with shipping and tracking information once generated.  Typical shipping times are 3-5 business days but you may experience COVID-19 or holiday related delays.  Shipping Policy

What type of wax is used in your candles and wax melts?  

Our candles and melts use a luxurious wax blend made of coconut wax, natural soy and minuscule amount of food grade paraffin. 

Why coconut soy wax blend?

Coconut is a clean, sustainable, and renewable high yielding crop. Hence, the wax burns longer and cleaner than other waxes.  Since coconut wax burns at a low temperature and is too soft alone, it is mixed with a small amount of soy to help bring the melting temperature of the candle up about room temperature.  Coconut soy wax blend is vegan, as well.    

Are your candles natural? 

The wax that is used in our candles and melts are made with only natural ingredients such as Coconut wax blends, lead-free cotton wicks and phthalate-free fragrances.

What is Phthalate-free mean?

Phthalates have historically been used to dissolve raw materials in the fragrance manufacturing process. There have been claims of phthalates causing certain health problems. To eliminate any risk, Aroma Sparks only uses phthalate-free fragrances.

Why did my candle “tunnel” and not burn to the edge of the jar?

The most common reason is associated to the first burn ~ The first burn is the most important for the best candle burning performance and to prevent tunneling. 

Why is there soot?

The most common reason is associated with the length of the wick.  The wick most likely needs to be trimmed.  Wicks should be trimmed to 1/8" - 1/4" for best performance.  If soot does form inside the vessel, extinguish the flame, let cool, wipe with a clean damp cloth, trim the wick and relight.

Can I reuse the glass or cement container?

Sure!  Wash them with warm soapy water and a sponge.  To get any extra wax out you can add boiling hot water or put in the freezer to shrink the wax (it will pop out).

How do I get the extra wax out of my wax warmer?

To get any extra wax out you can put in the freezer to shrink the wax (it will pop out) or add a cotton ball to the melted wax pool and it will absorb the wax.  Wait until it is cooled to remove.