Founded in 2020, Aroma Sparks is a Boston, Massachusetts home-based candle company owned and operated by a small business owner.    

Hi, I’m Tanin the owner and maker of Aroma Sparks.

Something about candles and aromas that bring an extra element of comfort to a space.  Sparking memories, creating new ones, setting a mood, an ambience.... 

I LOVE candles but I didn’t like the results of many of the store-bought candles I was burning.  They burn fast, leave black soot and who knew what ingredients were in them.  I started researching natural waxes, fragrances, wicks, etc., and that’s when it started making my own as a hobby.  Turns out there is way more to it that just pouring wax into a container.  Then, in 2019 I was laid off from a job that I had been at for 26 years.  It was sure an eye opener and forced me to start reevaluating a lot of factors in my life.  I was like now what?  Time for a change!  Applied for my LLC, my DBA, insurance, set up my website, started promoting, and it all fell into place. Aroma Sparks launched February 24th, 2021.  

Aroma Sparks uses ingredients such as a luxury coconut soy, cotton wicks and clean fragrance oils that provide a safer, cleaner environment when compared to many store-bought candles.  A lot of research and time go in to every product. 

This journey has had its highs and lows and I am always learning as I go. It has been an amazing ride and thank you all for your support. And to my family and their support. I hope you stick with me through this journey.  Find us online, on Facebook & Instagram @aromasparkscandles, and local market events

Sparking memories, creating new ones, setting a mood, an ambience…

Fun Facts: I love to travel, I have two amazing daughters, both in their 20’s, Sydney and Samantha. I live in Quincy, MA with my fiancé Kevin and our dog, Sadie, a rescue who rescued us..

Thank you for your support!

Tanin Hasomeris ~ Owner & Creator

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