Electric Pluggable Wax Fragrance Warmer ~ Moonstone Illumination - Aroma Sparks

Electric Pluggable Wax Fragrance Warmer ~ Moonstone Illumination

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Add aroma to your room using Aroma Sparks wax melts with these wax fragrance warmers.  Bowl at the top is the perfect size for 1 cube of our wax melts.  They'll add a soothing ambience and aroma to bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces, offices, boutiques, or any room you choose.  
  • Pluggable Fragrance Warmer can be used in both vertical and horizontal outlets by twisting the plug base, making them ideal above counter outlets in small rooms and spaces.  Has an on and off switch.  
  • Swirling white on white colored hand-blown glass makes the Moonstone Illumination especially impressive when lit.
  • Uses a halogen bulb to warm wax melts in the dish, releasing their fragrance ~  Halogen bulb included with purchase.
  • The soft glow of the bulb creates the ambiance and fragrance of a lit candle, without the flame.


Great for apartments, dorm rooms, or any where a flame is a concern.  

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